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Reversing Control Of Large 7500 Hp Drives ,


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We have an application where a large motor , about 7500 HP, is required. The application requires the motor to be reversed frequently, from full speed in one direction to full speed in another direction, in about 6-7 secs.


Which type of motor + drive , AC or DC is better for the above application ?


What are the pros and cons of using an AC Drive vs using a Dc Drive.



Thanking in advance,


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this is not an usual application, you have to specify better your needs and your environment.

Inertia is a very important factor to be considered, can you supply some data?

Do you have the need to recover energy during reversing, or friction load is enough high to stop the motor?


What is the value of "full speed"? Do you have a gearbox to reduce speed?


Please add as more info as possible, you will have a more detailed reply.


What is the total installed power in this location? What is medium voltage supply?


Happy new year


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All very good points. There is not much we can say without more information, except that 7500HP is extremely big for DC, especially reversing. There would be a lot of extra critical motor maintenance involved compared to AC.
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