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Hello barani


I assume that your ceiling fan is a single phase motor.

If the motor has a separate start winding, then yes you can reverse it. If it is a "shaded pole motor" then there is no start winding and you can not reverse it.

Single phase motors with a separate start winding can be reversed by reversing the start winding connections. In many single phase motors, this requires that you dismantle the motor as the start winding connections are internal to the motor.

For more information on single phase motors, see http://www.lmphotonics.com/single_phase_m.htm


Berst regards,

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There are reversible ceiling fan motors but as Marke said, the type most frequently used in inexpensive ceiling fans is a shaded pole motor, which is not. If your fan does not now say it is reversible, chances are about 99.9% that it is not. If it was, it would probably be prominently displayed because that is a more expensive "Permanent Split capacitor" designed motor.
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