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Method For Checking The Scan Time Of Allen Bradley Slc 5/03 Or 5/04


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I want to know about proper way for checking the scan time of SLC 5/03 or 04 using RS Logics 500 software.

Presently, I open the "Process Status", then Scan Time in RS Logics 500, the "Last 1ms Scan Time S:35 " shows 6 in one SLC of machine (see picture "Scan Time_1" in attached file).

But when I prepared a program in two rungs with a time counter and S: 33/9 (a bit in system) for checking scan time (see picture "Scan Time_2" in attached file), the accumulated value of counter shows 99 in 01sec. It means that the SLC scans 99 times in a second. Both are not matching.

Any one can help me in understanding that case?

"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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