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Distribution Of Kvars Within The System

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I would appreciate if some one explain to me how we distribute the total kVAR requirement among the sub feeders and at the main distribution point if you know the individual kVAR requirement at each feeder and at the main distribution board? In other words if we compensate at each sub feeder how much percentage you need at the main distribution board or at the transformer?

For example my each feeder need 200,100,125 & 75 kVARs and if you take the readings at the transformer alone you need 300kVARs. Should I put this amount at the transformer or a percentage of 300kVARs? How should I select the number of stages for each of this case?



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Hello Manikku


Welcome to the forum.


In terms of total correction, there should be no difference in the total correction where ever it is installed.

The advantage of correcting at the load or the load side of the feeders, is that losses in the feeders will be reduced. This can increase the maximum load that can be connected to a feeder.


Bulk correction at the point of supply ( or transformer) will equally correct the power factor, but it will not reduce the current through the feeders.


The best place to apply the correction, is dependent on what you require and why you are applying the correction.

If the only reason that you are applying the correction is to reduce the maximum demand tarriff, then bulk correction at the supply is a good solution. If you are trying to reduce the loading on submains, then distributed correction will be required, either bulk correction or static can be used.


Best regards,

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