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Dc Speed Control

pete john

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hi can anyone please give me some advice. I have aquired an old potters wheel that needs attention it is aproximatly 20 years old it uses a normand electricial 220v dc shunt motor and a berco hsr42a dc speed controller. the motor works fine but the speed controller has a row of 3 0.1uf capicitors inter spaced with 2 resistors at the front of this bank is a component i am unable to identify it is about 1 inch long and 5/16 inch diameter and green in colour it appears burnt and is open circuit. it has a live 240v supply to one side and the other side connects to the ~ connection of a diode pack. i have had suggestions that it is a resistor and also that it is a high powered diode i would be most greatfull for any advice.
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Hello Pete John


Welcome to the forum


That component is almost certainly a resistor. It is hard to recommend a value without a lot more knowledge about the whole circuit.

I am a little concerned that such a resistor failing could indicate that there is a problem with the diodes or even the motor itself. Usually the failure of this resistor is due to an overload, and this is caused by another component failing.

I would suggest that you get someone sufficiently experienced and qualified to service the unit for you, it will probably be cheaper in the long run.


Best regards,

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