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Servomotors Encoders And Resolvers ..questions!


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Hi dear people, I am new in this of motion controllers, and I need to selecction one Incremental control system for 3 brusshless servomotors with low velocities approach 2 deg/s for all the motors. I need know:


1- if this motors would need gearhead due to this low velocity or with the regulation of the controller is enough?


2- if one servomotor is designed for works in pulses/revolution (or incr/rev) or these counts of pulses for revolution are indicated for the encoders? the servomotors works similar to sttepper motors? my problem is I need have an angular resolution of 0,1º (or 0,1 deg) and any standards motors come with 1000 incr/rev , ie, 0,36º , If I selecction one encoder incremental with 4096 incr/rev (i.e. resolution of 0,088º ==> OK! ) the problem is solved?


3- The electric energy that get in to the motor come of the driver(amplificator)? if is so with what cable or terminals?


4- In what is useful the datum of frecuency max in the input in the controller in an enconder incremental?


5- is posible to connect 2 transductors in a motor one for position (encoder incremental) and other for velocity (resolver).? or that other combination is posible? or only with one transductor is enough?.


whatever commentary is wellcome!





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