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Energy Conservation Measures - Johnson And Johnson (india)


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Hey ,


As a part of their energy conservation measures, Johnson and Johnson in 2005 has adopted the following steps :


1. Installed cyclic timers for utility equipment

2. Substituted energy-efficient lamps for conventional ones

3. Conducted Energy Audits


Could anyone please throw some light on the kind of timers used in such cases. Also what could be the possible 'energy-efficient lamps' . In this case I know that the timers used indicated peak time of load so that the lines could be switched over to alternate supplies. However needed to know the cost-savings associated with the same.



Thanks !



God bless


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Hello Shruti


Welcome to the forum.


In order to comment on the effectiveness of the timers etc, we would need to know a lot about the plant and it's operation. If you need to have this sort of information, you should use a local consultant sufficiently experienced in this type of operation.


Essentially though, a timer is going to reduce the work output, and so will save energy, but if full work output is required, then no energy will be saved. Depending on what the type of operation is, there may be a way to make the operation more efficient without reducing the work output. For example slowing pumps and fans when full flow is not required.

If you can replace the timers with some form of demand controller so that equipment runs when it is required rather than on a predetermined time, you may be able to increase the operating efficiency with out impacting on the work output.


Best regards,

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