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Mcc Load Analysis

M. Bravo

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:lol: How can I manage the demand factor, diversity factor and load factor when it is calculating a load study for a MCC bus bar?




It have a bus bar with the following connected load: (only in this bar)

Continuos Intermitent spare loads

Motor1: 50HP x

Motor2: 50HP x

Motor3: 30hp x (30min each 1 hour)that is means=0.5 (of what demand or load factor)

Motor4: 20hp x

Load: transf. 25kVA x


Taking 1hp=1kVA we have:

loads continue: 95kVA

loads intermitent: 30 kVA* 0.5= 15kVA

loas spares: 50kVA*0.1=5kVA

loads cont+ interm= 110kVA it is this load used to dimension the generator?

loads cont + interm+spare= 115kVA is it this load used to dimension the bar rating?


What load I have to used to dimension the CB protection of this bar?








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