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Ac Motor Modification


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i'm a total outsider to all this, and would appreciate a few pointers - wish to modify a 450w blending machine motor to run slower for a home project. That is, use it as is, with the same control panel - mince, grate, blend, etc... pulse but running at lower RPMs. I see that the "Low" and "High" speed switch has some form of transistor or something attached to it on the inside. Would it be possible to change that one for another that will basically reduce the speed to a quarter or less?


Many thanks


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Hello wma


Welcome to the forum.


I suspect that the motor is a universal motor and that the "transistor" device that you see is in fact a triac or an SCR used to reduce the voltage applied to the motor.

It is very difficult to advise you from here without a lot of information.

I would suggest that if you are not qualified or experienced in this field, that you should find someone who is to assist you as working with mains voltage can be very dangerous and you could do serious damage if you get it wrong.


Best regards,

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