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Resistance Slip Ring Starter


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Hi sir


At our work we have a slip ring 150 hp , 3 phase , 415 v motor. The resistance starter panel is a Crompton Parkinson make with 5 steps and 200 amp . There are 4 timers 5 old contactors and 2 resistor banks in the panel . Please can you send me a drawing of this ancient panel , or even a basic circuit . How long should the different time steps be ? Is the first step high resistance and the lower to zero ? . I have to get it going please help . Thanks .

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Hello jaco


I do not have a schematic diagram for that starter, however the principle is very easy.


Initially, the largest amount of resistance is in the rotor circuit. Over a period of time, the resistance is progressively reduced using timers and contactors to the final stage which is the lowest resistance value and then that is shorted.

The timing of the contactor switching is very dependent on the inertia of the load.

I would suggest setting this to around 10 seconds per stage and monitor the start. If the motor stope accelerating after two seconds at any stage, then set the timer to that. In otherwords, set the times longer than would be required and time the actual acceleration for each stage and use those times to set the timers.

If you set the timers for too short a time, the current will go very high and the torque may actually be reduced.


Best regards,

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