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Assistance With Setting Up Cet4 Relay To Protect 150kw 690v Bore Pump Located At 440m Below

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Can someone assist me with setting up the correct set points for protecting a 150kW, 3Phase, 690V, 3000rpm, BorePump currently located at 440mdown a shaft to pump up water?


The current protection relay used is a CET4 S&S type relay.

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What exactly do you want to know?


The basic set up may involve programming the motor FLC only. Being a bore pump however I would suggest you also look at programming Locked Rotor Current and Locked Rotor Time. This will require you to firstly contact the pump/motor supplier for details. Once those values have been plugged in to the CET4, it's thermal protection curve will match that of the motor thereby eliminating any possibility of under or over protection.


Other than attending to the above you might want to look at the other protection features and make decisions about how you want them to operate. You will find that you can adjust trip delay time as well as sensitivity in most cases.


As an alternative, if you are located in either Australia or NZ you should not hesitate to contact NHP Electrical Engineering Products as they are the agents. Sprecher + Schuh in Huoston are also available to support you if you are in the US.


Hope that helps.




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