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I am looking for a special cable of the following specs.


The cable has 2 individul teflon insulated cores of 0.75 sqmm and these 2 cores are togeteher insulated with a transperent film (this film is heat resistant does not burn in direct fire - i do not know what the material is).


This cable then has a steel braiding over the film.


Over the steel braiding there is a extruded teflon (ptfe) tubing (Its extruded tube not tape wrapped).


The Overall Outside Diameter can be around 5.5 to 6.0 mm.


Can you please suggest or let me know where this type of cable would be available. I have sample with me me but do not know who makes it.


This cable is used in PT100 Sensor Measurement In the Infrared Dyeing Machine made by DataColor International, USA.





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