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Liquid Slip Resistors In Large 3 Phase 11kv Motor Drive


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I am interested to know the relative heat loading for a large 11kV 3 phase Feed Pump Motor during a lightly loaded condition (leak off flow only) relative to the fully loaded condition. The machine typically in the light loaded condition would operate at 3000 rpm whereas at full feed would have a sped of approx 5000 rpm. We have had difficulties keeping motor air cooler and LSR temperatures low putting a restriction on power station output.
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Hello HughMac55


Welcome to the forum.


full feed would have a sped of approx 5000 rpm

This suggests that this is not a standard slipring induction motor as the full speed of a two pole machine on 50Hz is 3000 RPM and at 60Hz is 3600 RPM.

Before we can comment further, we would need to know more about the motor type and control.


Best regards,

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