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Thermistor Input Conversion


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We have a setup in which the electronic module uses the thermistors embedded into a pump housing to monitor temperature ( digital display).


I need to know the flow of water through this pump, hence i want to replace one of the three thermistors inputs to the card with 4-20ma or 0-10vdc output from a flowmeter so that i can have a digital readout of flow using the existing card.


How will i rewire the flowmeter 4-20ma/0-10vdc output to the existing thermistor input terminals at the card so that i can see the flow ?


Any thoughts?







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Hello Chaterpilar


A thermistor input will be a resistance input with a limited resistance range and possibly a non linear scaling function depending on the type of thermistor used.

To connect a 4-20mA or 0-10V input to a thermistor input, you would need to add some form of interface/scaling module and this would probably be quite an expensive module as I imagine that this would be a very low volume requirement.

Good luck!!


Best regards,

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