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Can 6-terminal Motor Be Used For Dol Starting?


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Yes. It is not the case that motor have six leads.

It depends upon the rating of motor, load characteristics and the power supply source. What is the rating of your motor and what is your supply source and how much voltage you have?


"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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Hello saidaibala


Almost all induction motors can be DOL started as far as the motor itself is concerned. - I can not think of any that can not at present.

The major problem with DOL starting, is that there is a severe overload current during start and this can cause problems on the electrical supply.

For this reason, some supply authorities have local rules covering what motors can be DOL started and what ones can not. For the electrical side, you need to talk to your electrical supply people and find out what the limitations are.

Another issue with DOL starting, is the torque. The high start torque and sudden application of the torque, can cause mechanical problems and for this reason, some machines are not suitable for DOL starting. You need to look at the mechanical implications of DOL starting your machine.


The problems are not generally with the motor, they are with the electrical supply and the driven load.


Best regards,

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