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Influence Of Changing The Stator Winding


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Dear all


Suppose i have a slip ring induction motor with stator winding consists of four groups of winding per phase, each two groups are connected in series and with the other two groups are connected in parallel

each group consists of 8 coils

the total no. of coils per phase is 8*4 = 32 coil

the number of slot in the stator is 96 slot


Now my question is, if i remove one coil from any group from each phase so the number of coils per phase will be (3*8)+ (1*7)=31, what will happen to the motor performance i.e. (speed, torque, power, current, efficiency)

and what is the formula for calculating these performance parameters


N.B. : All the motor parameters are defined

waiting for your reply


Thanks for all

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