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3phase 200v Japan Domestic Motors Delta To Star Connection

Dr Win

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Hi everybody pls


Is it possible to connect 4Poles 3Phase 200V motors (Japan domestic motors)


3Phase 200V 50Hz delta connection


3Phase 380V 50 Hz Star connection


Whether I want to know is,

1. When voltage is changed 200V to 380V, can this motor get full power as delta connection on 220V?

2. Is there any problems? damage to motors?

Please discuss in detail.

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Hello Dr Win


Yes, you can reconnect delta connected motor in star and increase the line voltage by rt3.

This would mean that 380 volts in star will give the same performance as 220 volts in delta. - the voltage across the windings is the same, therefore the flux is the same.


If the motors are designed for 200V maximum and will not accept 220 volts, then there is a problem as the motor may become overfluxed and get too hot.


Best regards,

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