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Rccb Protection


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Hi There,


Am I right using an RCCB to protect all circuits in a contol panel.

The panel will control a 3 phase 7.5kw motor, numours lighting circuits,240v sockets ,1 3 phase socket & control tranformer.

As you can see the load will not always be balanced .


Can a three phase & Neutral RCCB be used in this situation?


T.i.a Terry


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Hi Clarin,


talking about RCCB, it is concern on leakage current protection, to protect the human body and the equipment by the impact of isolation failure. as long as I knew that,


- RCCB / ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) only has one function of protection, to detect the leakage current without thermal protection function and you should have an MCB in the up side. The sensitivity is classified on 30 mA, 300 mA and 500 mA


- DPNa Vigi / RCBO is the combination between MCB (Ph + N) and leakage current for a single circuit with the maximum breaking capacity usually 4. 5 kA and 6 kA as per IEC 60947-2). The sensitivity is classified on 30 mA and 300 mA



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HI Kezetrum,

Yes the control panel is fed via a three phase circuit breaker and all circuits protected by c.b's the motor protected via a thermal overload as well as a c.b.

My concern is the motor is mounted on equipment outside. I was thinking of putting a three phase + Neutral RCCB between Main islolator and C.B,S for various circuits this will then give protection on all outgoing circuits.

Will this work?


regards Terry


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