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Fridge With 115v/60hz Rating On 110v/50hz


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I brought with me a refrigerator from USA its rating is 115 v 60Hz but in Pakistan the voltage is 220V 50 Hz and the best converter /Stabilizer I am able to by is with servo motor and its output is 110 V 50Hz.


please let me know if it will work with out damaging the refrigerator


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Hello tkurnd


If the motor has not been wound for 110V 50Hz/60Hz, then you will over flux it when you run it on 50 Hz. This will dramatically increase the iron loss in the motor and cause the motor to fail early.

In order to maintain design flux in the motor, you need to keep the V/Hz ratio constant. The motor was designed for 115 V 60Hz so 115/60 = v/50 => maximum operating voltage = 115 x 5 / 6 = 96V


Not, the motor will run slower at the lower frequency, and it is possible that it will run too slow for the start switch to operate. In this case, the start winding will remain permanently connected and will fail.

The maximum output form the motor will also fall to 5/6 of it's 60Hz rating.


Reduce the voltage to 96 volts and se what happens. Expect that it may well fail however.


Best regards,

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