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400 Hertz Supply


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why aitcrafts need 400 hertz power supply....... and why they design like that...

Dear Boby,


As the frequency increase size of machinery will be reduce,So in Aircraft we need a compact size thats why we use 400Hz.


2500KVA transformer at 50HZ and 2500KVA tranformer at 400HZ.The size of the transformer which will operate 400Hz.


its size will be reduce 4 times as compare to the transformer operated at 50Hz.

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In order to develop torque, you need flux in the iron. At higher frequencies, the volume of iron is reduced and so the size of altenators, motors and transformers reduces with the ratio of the frequency increase. This means that at 400 Hz, the motors and transformers are significantly smaller and therefore less weight.

Not a 2 pole motor will spin at a very high RPM so multipole motors amy be needed!!


Best regards,

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