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Neutral To Earth Voltage..


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Dear Sirs,


Many of the electrical equipments manufacturers insisting for almost 0V between Supply neutral and earth in a single phase system.... In my installation the voltage between Neutral to Earth is around 4 Volts..


In what way this voltage will affect the performance of the equipments.. and will it cause any harm to equipments ??


The netrual is earthed at the transformer end. My distribution board in my building is connected to an earth..and I could not find any earth pit around the building area. Since it is a rental building we could not get the contractor to confirm this.


In this condition, to bring down the Neu-Earth voltage, shall I link both neutral and earth without having an additional earthpit..?

Will this cause any problem to my system at certain conditions ?? please suggest..


Or else, if I am introducing a UPS (without havng an earthpit), what will be the voltage between Neutral and earth..?


Experts opinion in this regard will be much helpful for me..



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Hello Pragathees...


I sounds like you have a high neutral current flow in your building.

I do not expect that this will cause any problems to equipment, but I would check that the voltage drop is due to cable impedance rather than a bad connection.

If it is a bad connection, then there could be a problem as the connection degrades.


Best regards,

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