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High Starting Loads


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High starting loads.


I’m currently looking at install a 45Kw 3ph AC motor with a very high starting loads combined with this is a very high ambient temperature.

We usually install a de-rated larger frame and wire DOL I would be interested in any alternatives or opinions.



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Hello Arhur


Welcome to the forum.


Have a look at Start High Inertia Load, This may answer some of your questions.

The answer is to ensure that the rotor of the motor is capable of starting the inertia of the load to the full speed of operation.

The starter selection is then partially a function of the strength of the supply. If the supply can stand the high starting current of DOL starting, then it is a good option. Soft starting provides some advantages such as reducing the maximum start current and shock loading on the machine, but does not reduce the power dissipated in the rotor during start.


Best regards,

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