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Very Basic Question

asim ustaad

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hi all friends


i am here to ask a very basic question because nobody gives detailed and good explanation regarding this question.


my question is


that when we see 800 KVA transformer. then from that transformer supply goes in bus bars which is located in panels . in main panel there is a circuit breaker , contactors , fuses etc etc.


my question is how the supply goes from transformer in bus bars and how it is distributed and we run a 160kw etc motor and many motors from this and also there is also a control system or you can say plc which controls motors through a pc.how plc gives dc voltage if we are getting ac from transformer.


please somebody explain me the whole process in detail i am very new and i want to make my mind full clear about all these basic concepts. our organization has 132kv line and grid steps down this to 6kv . please explain me how all this process works as we get 132kv then step down then distribution then 800kva transofmer for specific area and from that transformer supply goes in bus bars and etc etc.


please help me to figure out all these questions i will be thankful to all of you

GOD Bless You ALL

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Hello asim ustaad


Welcome to the forum.


Reading your post, I am a little unclear as to what you want explained. It appears that you are looking for the whole theory of electricity to be explained and I am sure that is not true.

Can you be more specific with your questions so that it is easier to focus on what you do not understand.

If you are after the complete theory of an electrical system, then this is really beyond a simple answer as can be expected on a forum such as this.


Best regards,

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Hello Ustaad,


As said by Marke, it is easier to understand one thing at a time than to soak all the knowledge in a day.



I can see the anxiety and eagerness in your question, but in all fairness your question is really very broad.


I will give it a try on few points which are bothering you.


The transformers convert 132kv to 6kv.


The supply goes to panel through cables.


AC can be converted to Dc using rectifiers.


PLC uses the DC to give outputs which are connected to the switchgear controlling the motor.


Ustaad,..i suggest using Mr. Google for basics www.google.com and type in Transformers Electric circuits...etc


but one at a time.. you will be surprised at the amount of knowledgw available online...and we( this forum) are part of it...


God bless, and good luck.

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