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Induction Motor


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Hello thanhdd


This motor is designed to be star connected for 380 volt operation, or delta connected for 220 volt operation.

Note, this is 220 volt three phase, not single phase.


If you wish to use a star delta starter, then you can only do this if you are using 220 volt three phase.


At 380 volt, you can use DOL, autotransformer, primary resistance or soft starter.


Best regards,

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I have an induction motor 40kW Wye/Delta 380/220

Star/Delta starters I=P/(rt3.U.efficiency.cos)

U= 380 or 220 ?

Help me!


Dear sir

hello, if your power supply 3-ph 220 VAC you can using star delta technique to start your but as usual the power supplies 3-ph 380 VAC in this case you cann't use star/delta technique for your motor .

the most common method used for these kind of motors is softstarter.

best regads


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