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Asynchronous Generator Control


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Wind turbines use asyn, generators . the rpm in a wind turbine can vary quite a bit. what I understand about

slip is it is very limited, that its ability to be flexible is only a few percent.

How exactly can the voltage be controlled outside of this limited range if the wind pushes quickly

and adds rpm to the turbine. ?? I know the blades can be pitched out, but I heard that blade pitch is only

used for extreme wind situations and mostly to completely cut out the turbine, like stop it.

Also, how do the cycles stay right ,60 ,while the generator poles are varying a little or more than a little??

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The generator is usually connected to the grid.

If the wind increases, it will increase the torque applied to the motor shaft and this will cause the motor to run a little faster.

The positive slip will increase a small amount as the torque is increased in exactly the same way as the negative slip is increased as the torque drawn from a motor is increased.


If the load must run at different speed, a double fed induction motor is used. This is a motor with a would rotor rather than a squirrel cage motor and the rotor winding is driven by an inverter producing a signal at the difference frequency between the supply frequency and the rotor rotational frequency.


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