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[ask]how To Make Var Speed Control For Slip Ring Motor


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Hi I'm New here and ask permission for asking all of the member


I got a problem for controling the speed for Slipp Ring Motor .

The motor it self is a 37 KW - 380 v three phase and usually it use the Resistance box

is it possible to use Inverter or maybe some one have an experience with it

and can tell me how to control this kind of motor

Thank before



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Hello Hendra


The resistors used in the rotor circuit of a slip ring motor, change the speed torque curves of the motor.

The speed the motor runs at is determined by the intersect of the load speed torque curve and the motor speed torque curve.


If you wish to apply a VFD to a slip ring motor, apply a short to the rotor ( no resistance) and treat it as a normal squirrel cage motor.


Best regards,

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