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triphase mesure


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hi! i'm a new user?


On a single-phase line one calculation the dephase between the tension and the current in order to determines the power-factor.

I seek has to know how to deduce the power-factor on a three-phase line. Does one have to measure dephasing on each line and then which operation must one forward there?




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Hello fred


By definition, power factor is the ratio between KW and KVA. If you have sinusoidal current and voltage (no harmonics) then this equates to the cosine of the angle between the current and voltage so on a single phase system, you can measure this angle to get the power factor.

On a balanced three phase system, you can make this measurement on each phase and average the result. On an unbalanced system, you need to measure the total KW and divide this by the total KVA to get a meaningful result.


Best regards,

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