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Interference Caused By Vfds


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I have recently got quite involved in VFD installations where there is significant interference caused by the VFDs and in some cases, the induced voltage is so great that it has caused damage to other equipment.


In most situations, the problem has been traced to poor installation techniques.

If the VFDs are installed in exact accordance to the manufacturers instructions, the interference will be minimized, however in many cases, the manufacturers recommendations are very hard to follow.


I have written a couple of suggested codes of practice for the installation of VFDs on pumps.

You can find these at http://www.LMPhotonics.com/vsd/vsd_05.htm


Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome.


Best regards,

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Hello Carl


Yes, that is a good point, minimize the length of cable on the output of the drives.


Best regards,

Mark :rolleyes:

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