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Ask For Current To Voltage Convertor Circuit


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Hello taknavaz


If you us a resistor, you will get a voltage.

i.e. use a 100 ohm resistor and the voltage will vary from 0.4 volts to 2 volts for an input current of 4 - 20 mA.


If you wish to measure the voltage with an A/D circuit, you can adjust the resistance value so that the voltage at 20mA is equal to the full scale of the A/D input.


Best regards,

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If you are looking for stability, then the resistor is the best.

You can add an opamp to further scale the voltage level, ie use a resistor to get 1 volt output and then an opamp to scale this to 10 volts, or you could use the opamp to provide an offset plus gain, but these options have reduced stability compared with a resistor, and they have to use a resistor to convert I into V.


Best regards,

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