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Ball Mill Application

amit kumar

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hello amit kumar


If the load is running at a constant speed, you will not achieve energy savings by using a VFD.

A VFD can save energy by reducing the speed of a load to the speed required to do the work. This reduces the frictional losses in the load.

If the load always runs at the same speed, you should use a mechanical speed setting, i.e. pulley sizes, gear box etc to set the speed to that required. If the speed needs to change dynamically, then consider a VFD.


A VFD on a constant speed application will increase the losses due to the losses in the VFD.


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2 ton of ballmill carries a load of 2 ton which continously rotates.Load is not balanced inside ballmill therefore it requires different amount of current at different point on cycle .20 kw motor which is driving the ballmaill carries current from 19-22 Amps without VFD.

it is common practice to control ballmill with VFD.THere are some specific parameters which should be tuned.

Please tell me those parameters if somebody can.



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From my experience, the VFDs are used on mills to control the speed so that the grade of the finished product can be controlled.


An induction motor is very efficient down to less than half load, so the variation in load is not a cause for losses.


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