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Halp! Halp! If You Are Super Proficient With Ms Excel Please Come Here And Help Me!


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ok here is what i'm trying to do in ms excel.


say i have a table as follows


Coln A Coln B Coln C

1Time "Power kW" "Power Factor"

2 50 0.9

3 60 0.8

4 100 0.6

5 300 0.7

6 70 0.5

7 90 0.1


I then go in a different cell foruma "=MIN(C2:C7)" that would give the minimum power factor, which in this case would be 0.1


I want to know what the power kW (Coln B) and time (Coln A) is at this point in time where the minimum occurred. (I can't just go =MIN(B2:B7) that would just give 50 which isn't where the min pf occurred... get what i mean?)


What forumla/method do I need to do this, as in get the cell next to the cell of min?


Please help *begs*


Thanks in advance excel wiz master.:lol:

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The best I can come up with is to use VLOOKUP, but you will have to reorder your table so that power factor is the first colum and then sort the table so that the power factor is in assending order. Like so



0.1 6 90

0.5 5 70

0.6 3 100

0.7 4 300

0.8 2 60

0.9 1 50


then use


VLOOKUP(MIN(A2:A7),A2:C7,3) this will return the value in colum 3 from the row of the array that has the value that is the minimum of the range A2:A7


The problem with this is that you have to sort the data, which I guess to want to avoid doing.



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