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Voltage Rating Of Vsd


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Hello chaterpilar


There are two issues here.

1. Will the drive operate on 380 volt? and 2. what will the rating be.


1. Most modern drives operate all the electronics from a switch mode supply off the DC bus so there should bee no problem operating the electronics off the lower voltage except that the under voltage and over voltage trip settings will need to be altered. You would need to talk to the supplier about doing that.


2. The real rating of the drive is not power, it is current. When you reduce the supply voltage, the current will stay the same, so the power rating will drop by the same amount as the current.


If you are looking for a unit to operate on 380 volt 60Hz, you could use any drive designed for the European market. The 50 Hz or 60Hz on the input will make no difference to the operation of the drive.


Best regards,

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