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1mva Transformer


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I have been asked to confirm if a 1MVA transformer (11KV/400V) is suffient to supply our new premises. The old premises has a maximum demand of approximatley 390KW. It has been so long since i have done anything like this that i am not sure i am going about it the right way, could somebody please help.
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Hello Panda


Welcome to the forum.


If you have a power factor of 1.0, then 1MVA = 1MW = 1000KW


If you have a power factor less than 1.0, the KW will be less than the KVA.

KW = KVA x pf.


If you load at the new premises is the same as the old, and if you power factor is greater than 0.4 then the transformer would be sufficient.


Best regards,

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Thanks very much for the advice, i was working on that priciple but with a PF of 0.8. I did not think i was to far off but it could be a costly mistake if i agreed and the transformer was undersized.


Thanks again



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