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Plc With C Functionality


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I have an application for some research work where a lot of intensive mathematics neeeds to be done (mainly matrix multiplication and trignometric funtions). Now most PLCs suppot basic mathematics n all, but its quite difficult to do a lot of intensive maths in it. My algorithm would calculate the pulse profile to be given to servos. Thus I need a PLC where I can do proper ANSI C programming (not STL) while also be able to generate pulses, accept DI,DO and all other things a PLC can do.


As far as my knowledge goes, I am aware of B&R PlCs which can achieve this.....Is there any other brand which has this functionality. Also I am using Panasonic servos, reason being of their economic pricing. However, it has the problem that it can be controlled by only pulse outputs. Theres no way I know of by which u can put it on a CAN bus or Profibus or some other network by which pulses generation is not necessary and encoder feedback from many servos can be fed to 1 PLC very efficiently. Is anyone aware of any other servos which are competitive in pricing to Panasonic while stilll supporting these protocols.


- Reso

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