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Rewind An Ac Motor For A Change In Voltage And Frequency


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Hi Guys,

Hope an experienced motor winder can help me with a question.

I have a 230volt/50HZ 2 speed single winding motor connected Y/YY.

It has to be changed to 690volt 60 HZ with the same internal connections.

The original 230volt windings have 8 turns per coil and a c.s.a. of 3.6 sq.mm.

I calculated the 690volt/60HZ winding would need 20 turns per coil and a c.s.a of 1.44 sq.mm.

Am I far off the mark & what would be the effect of the change on the nameplate full load amps?


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Hello ankervik


Looks pretty good to me.


Best regards,


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Not that you nead somebody else to ok, but yep


230/690 * 3.6 = 1.2 csa (Volts go up, current must come down so power remains the same)

690/230 * 8 = 24 turns (csa decrease turns must increase for same magnetic field - well thats how I see it)


then if going from 50hz to 60hz then turns must go down being 50/60*24 = 20 turns


love re arranging formulas makes me feel like I know what I'm doing :o)

good luck


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