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Soft Starter schematics


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Hello markfoley

Perhaps if you post your schematic here, someone may be able to offer constructive comments.

Best regards,

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I am very interested in your proyect of a soft starter. My project aims to handle currents of 75 amperes. We worked with submersible pumps that are impossible to put into operation without a soft starter. Obvious we have a soft starter DANFOSS. I would like to make one like hobby
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Hello markfoley,


It's been a while since your last post here, welcome back!


We look forward to seeing your schematic whenever you are ready to post it. I personally think it's great you are prepared to post it for 2 main rerasons.


a. I suspect it will generate a lot of interest and discussion, particularly amongst forum members and visitors 'fresh' to soft start motor control.


b. Forum members and visitors will not only benefit from viewing your schematic but also through reading following posts relating specifically to it.




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