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Compressor Motor Of Wye To Wye Part Winding

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most of the motor, especially for compressor motor used in airconditiones are delta winding. for a part winding both the winding are in delta. my question is;


Would it be an advantage if we will request for 140HP compressor which the part winding (50%-50%) will be of wye - wye instead of delta - delta. supply voltage is 380Vac 3ph 60Hz.

And what will be the disadvantages of this compare to the standard delta - delta partwinding.


I would like to know more on the effect of the performance of the motor during its strating and running. The life span and the power consumption of this in terms of kW.




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Hi jZ


I would not expect to see any difference in performance between a motor designed for delta connection at 380V and one designed for star connection at 380 volts provided that the connection used is in accordance with the designed connection for that voltage.


Best regards,

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