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Three Phase Output To Start A Single Phase Motor


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Hi all,

I am using an LSIS AC Drive SV-iC5 single phase to three phase output. I want to start a motor of single phase using this AC drive. Is it possible. If yes, tell me how to connect the motor with it. I have the manual of this drive I just check everything but they didn't mention anything regarding this.

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Hello sharks


Welcome to the forum.

You can not connect a standard single phase motor to the three phase output of a standard drive unless you have a sinusoidal output filter.

Some drives may produce a phase to phase output closer to a sinewave than others and you may find that on some drives things appear to work for a while.

There are special drives that can be applied to some single phase motors, but it is generally cheaper to use a single phase input drive connected to a three phase motor.


Best regards,


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