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Inverter Duty Transformer

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Hi !!,


We have a project to make a VFD based panel for a 2080 volts 60hz 250 hp submersible pump ( 300 metres deep).


The vendor is proposing a 380 volts VFD of rated capacity and a inverter duty Autotransformer to stepup the output of drive to 2080 volts.


I find it a bit odd, to put a stepup Auto-transformer in between the drive and the motor.


I recommended a 2080 volts rated VSd and to put the transformer on the line side.


The available supply is 380 volts 60 hz.


Is it Ok to put a Auto-transformer at the output of drive?


Any thoughts?



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Hello Chaterpilar


Yes, a motor is just a rotating transformer and this is done frequently.

The only issue is if the drive was a sensorless vector, it may get confused. You are best to operate in V/F mode.

I would work on the suppliers recommendations to ensure that there are no incompatibility issues.


Best regards,

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