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Hi all,


I was a Powerboss distributor a few years ago, I had some good & bad installations. The technical support from Somar is poor, very poor. I was complaining about losing £10k on the distributorship, they point me to other distributors who sell on the current reduction, not KW reduction.

Look at their turnover, its small really. A lot of it comes from selling distributorships.

A company such as theirs should be product sales led, it isnt, they want to make new distributorship money!. Take a look at their warehouse, its small compared to their new distributorship sales team offices!!!


A major reason you cant make any cash selling powerboss is their poor holding of product stock. You pay UPFRONT WITH ORDER for your powerboss, they then take upto 10 weeks to deliver the product......... YES- 10 WEEKS!, your cashflow is a nightmare, 10 weeks to wait for your product, anbother 6 weeks to get your customer to pay you. It aint worth it.


Sure, they have some superb marketing stuff, much better than many others on the market. But, my advice to anyone looking at this would be buy one from somewhere, try & sell it, then see how hard it really is - its **beep** hard. The biggest hurdle is trying to sell to people who have already seen an old powerboss salesman, he messed it all up because he had no technical ability.

Basically with Somar, turn up with your fee, they take your money and re-advertise for new distributors in your area, because when you fail they have another lined up ready to replace you.





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Hi EXPB, welcome to the forum.


Too bad for you that you didn't find us BEFORE making your investment. Interestingly though, you have proven a point I made 2-1/2 years ago.




At one point Somar was even making threats to me off-line about what i was saying. It's a pet peave of mine that they, and others like them, are essentially preying on the genuine good intentions of people who believe the blather they spit out about "saving the world" with green technology etc. etc. The bottom line that I saw a long time ago is exactly what you experienced; they are in it to sign up distributors, most of who basically end up eating their investments. Their tactics have however caused damage to the legitimate application of soft starter technology for the very real benefits of reducing wear and tear on equipment while satisfying utility requirements to reduce starting current. I wish they would stop and just turn their efforts into making a legitimately decent soft starter, then selling it on it's more tangible merits. But then again, there are already many many very reputable companies doing that very effectively, so they would be hard pressed to compete at that level.

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