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Vfd Multipump Card Application


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Hi ,


I have an application with Variable Speed Drive + Multipump Card for controlling of 5 pumps.


Can anyone guide me on the execution procedure for the same. If there is any write up available, do send me the same.




Hi Viral,


The procedure for setting up a multipump application would differ greatly depending on which drive you are using and also the operating mode you require. Maybe if you posted some more information someone might be able to help you more in depth.


Is this drive controlling all 5 pumps or do you have 5 drives controlling 5 pumps with one drive being a "Master" drive and controlling the other "Slave" drives as is fairly common with a multipump setup?


Have you tried contacting the drive distributor or manufacturer as this application is usually very specific to the drive and they'd usually have a guide or manual for this?




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Hello viral


Please provide additional information on the type of drives you are using.

Each manufacturer has a different way of doing things and in order to attempt to help, we need to know what you are using.


Best regards,

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