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Torque-speed Curve Of Motor


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Hi All,


I have got a question regarding the practical and theoretical speed-torque curve.


I have a motor datasheet which lists all the resistances, reactances of the equicalent circuit. I also have the speed torque curve for the motor. But when I use the values and calculate the speed torque curve from the equation, the curve is not having the similar values/shape as the curve they have provided. Is this because of the dynamic nature of the motor?


Is it possible to plot the speed torque curve from the motor parameters( R1, R2, Rm, X1, X2, Xm etc)? Will this plot be the same as what is plotted from the experimental values?

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I am having the same issue. I have used the equivalent circuit parameters to plot a torque speed curve but it does not agree with the motor data sheet. In particular my calculations do not create a pull-up point the torque simply rises from the starting torque up to max torque.

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