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SCR Fault Analysis


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If you have good pictures of the failures, you could email them to me and I will comment on what I can. It can be very difficult from pictures. Alternatively, if you send me failed die, I will comment and photograph and perhaps create a page covering this information. Unfortunately, I do not have failed die, or good pictures so it is difficult to help.


Best regards,

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Hello Marke,


Many thanks for the offer.


I currently have in my possession 4 or 5 failed 'puck style' SCR's collected over the years.


Although I cannot assist by providing good quality photographic images, I would be more than happy to send you the devices for your further analysis and comment.


Once received, you can determine whether these would photograph well enough for the images to then be posted on lmphotonics.


If you are happy with this proposal, please foward your residential/postal address via a U2U and I'll send the devices right away.


Thanks again and regards,


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I have posted a paper ex Westinghouse covering some aspects of this topic.



Best regards

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