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Induction Motor Starting And Short Circuit Info


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I am pretty new in the field of induction motors and I want to ask were can i find useful information about motors behaviour during grid fault.


For some simulation I need a slow voltage reconstruction after a fault. So I have inserted in my network a large induction motor factory in order to have a large reactive power consume after a fault (during re-acceleration time).


What I have obtained is a voltage jump from 0.1 p.u. (error remain voltage) to 0.6 p.u. (after error clearing) and then a constant value of 0.7 p.u. during acceleration time and at the end the voltage increase until the 1.0 p.u. value is reaced.


Is this normal? I would expect (and need) a continuous voltage reconstruction from 0.1 to 1.0 p.u. without voltage jump and flat zone (0.7 p.u.).





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