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There is motor designed by the Japanese, they called it ED motor and it has got a permanent magnet rotor. The supplier is claiming that their inverter system is 26 % more economical, energy wise, than conventional VSDs. They even claimed that their sinusaoidal wave converter system is harmonic free.

Any guess ?




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Probably an SPM (Surface Permanent Magnet) motor. Not as big a deal as you might think, PM motors are always more efficient because you don't have the eddy current losses in the rotor that you do with traditional AC motors. The problem is, those are rare-earth magnets. The motor is going to be hellishly expensive compared to an off-the-shelf AC motor in anything have a few kW.
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it should be also an IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) motor.

Or a PM-assisted synchronous reluctance (PMASR) motor.

About harmonic-free current, are they claiming to have clean input current or clean output current to the motor?

Can you link the information that you have?


IPM motors don't need rare-earth magnets, ferrite magnets are acceptable.


SSP motors are another option: SSP (3 MB)






Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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