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Dc Motor Protection

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Who can tell or explain me which kind of protection should I use to protect the DC motor?


For example:


1. Very impotant! Minimal current relay in excitor circuit diagram which must be referenced with contactor in armature circuit diagram?

Customer forces me to connect this relay with circuit-breaker in armature circuit diagram, but in my understanding of protection it can't be like that.


2. Circuit-breaker in excitor circuit diagram.


3. Circuit-breaker in armature circuit diagram.

Again customer wants to use additional electo-magnetic maximal current relay in armature circuit diagram which will be referenced with circuit-breaker in armature circuit diagram to protect motor from inrush current. But I think no need to use this one, because normally the armature circuit-breaker already has this kind of protection inside.


If anybody has experience in that area, please, help me!

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