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Design of Drive systems for an Tow tractor using Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

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I have doubts in selecting the required drive components for a electronically controlled Drive systems to be used in a Tow Tractor(Handling Baggage equipments in Airport). My specifications are


Squirrel cage induction Motor

Maximum Drawbar Pull - 16000 N upto 3.4 KMPH

Rated DrawBar Pull - 5000 N at 11KMPH

wheel Radius - 0.316m

Truck Speed - 0-25KMPH

Gear Ratio - 20.16:1

Battery voltage - 80 V DC

Truck Weight -4500Kg

Rolling Resistance - 0.2 N/Kg


I need details regarding what type of drive components,like converter,Power electronic devices to be used in my design for cheap overall cost and effective design.

Regenerative braking of the tractor is required at full rated power at all speeds.

The tractor must be able to drive in reverse up to a maximum speed of 5 KMPH(with full draw bar pull and also with electric braking). Peak Draw bar Pull is required at stand still to hold the tractor on an incline at 0 KMPH.


Thanking You,


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