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New Release

6 June 2005


Acceleration curves for motors and high inertia loads added. You can determine the start time for a known load an motor under different starting conditions.


Help file yet to be updated.

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5 January 2006


I have released an interim update that is available as an online download only.


This version has added : Generator and engine sizing for one and two motor genset applications. Typcial applications would be one and two pump remote generator supplied pump stations.


The help files are yet to be updated. This should be completed in a week or so when the software will be fully released.


To upgrade an existing copy, go to the "Check for Updates" option under the help menu of a recent copy of the Electrical Calculations software.


Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Best regards,

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The Electrical Calculations Software is not currently being supported.


Hackers released hacked passwords to this software making it economically un-viable to invest in any further development.

The last release is not compatible with Windows 10.

A major rewrite and time investment is required to update to current windows releases and there are no plans or justification for doing this in the near future.

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