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Theoretical Pfc Question

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Hello all


I am faced with a situation and I would really appreciate some input from anyone that can offer advise.

I have done Auto PFC installations at a few low voltage sites and the savings are significant. This is the

first site with a hi voltage metered circuit, so I can use some guidance here.


I have a site with a 13KV 3ph 860KVA service.

The utility company has their meters at the entry point off the 13KV service on to the property.

I do know that the PF off the grid is at 0.65 lag.

The service enters the site and there is a big loop around the property and at 6 points there

are step down transformers, some to 480VAC and others to 240VAC.

The perpose of the loop is so that any segment can be disconnected while leaving all other points energized.


I seem to be haveing no luck finding any auto PFC manufacturers that will offer Auto PFC

at the 13KV high voltage side. (If anyone can offer a company name and/or a contact number, email,

thank you.)


If I put in multiple Auto PFC at the low voltage sides of the step downs will there still be a

cost savings improvment on the meter / billing with the PFC being done (behind) the transformers?


Crude one line (I hope this text drawing stays intact)


utility feed

13KV 3ph 860KVA



X HV service disconnect and meter



| |

| |

| |

| |


| | | | | |

X X X X X X < HV disconnect

| | | | | |

T T T T T T <step down transformers

| | | | | |

X X X X X X < LV disconnect

| | | | | |

| | | | | |

| | | | | |


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