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Market Price Of Mv Soft Starter


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I am doing some research for university. I am about to compare the market price of LV soft starters and MV soft starters (price in USD/KW or similar). However, without asking a company for an offer it is very hard to find prices on MV soft starters. Are ther any one out there that posses knowledge of the market price for MV Soft starters at different ratings.



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Yes there is but unfortunately no-one would be prepared to divulge that information.


The price for LV soft starters can vary considerably depending on the type of starter and the application in which it is to be used. Same applies to MV soft starters but that becomes even more complex becuase for example the price for a 3.3kV soft starter is much much less than the price for an 11kV soft starter with same kW rating.


I understand the above doesn't help you in any way, but it might give some insight as to why questions such as the one you have asked often go unanswered.




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